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Free Community Dinners

Webster Assembly of God

708 Hard Road at 4:00 PM

(Please RSVP; details are below)


2020 Dates:

January 26, February 23, March 29, April 26, May 31

June 28, July 26, August 30, September 20*, October 25,

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, November 26 at 1:00 PM*

December 13*


*Most dinners are offered on the last Sunday of the month. Note that any date with an * is not on the last Sunday of the month due to holiday schedules.

Please call the church office the week of the meal to reserve your spot. Leave your name, phone number, and the number of people in your group. Phone numbers are needed in case of cancellation or postponement of the meal due to an emergency.

There are no reserved tables. Please plan accordingly if you have a large group that wishes to sit together.


RSVP to the church office by phone or email: (585) 671-2423 or info@websterag.org.