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About Us

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Webster Community Chest


Improve, develop, and care for the health, welfare and general well being of residents of the greater 14580 Webster community.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Since 1948 the Webster Community Chest has been helping our neighbors in the greater Webster community with the generous help of our residents. Each year the needs of our neighbors are different, but we are always ready as an organization to provide different resources through our Benefits Counselor Mary Ellen McDowell. Neighbors helping Neighbors, the theme of the Community Chest campaign, rings clear each year as your donations make it possible to help someone buy medicine, help with car repairs, or pay rent when an unexpected emergency happens.

Each year the greater Webster community is generous, with businesses, individuals, and school personnel helping us raise $60,000 in donations to help others. The Board of Directors of the Community Chest meets monthly and considers Aid to Organizations as well as Aid to Individuals. The pie chart will give you an idea of how the community Chest donations are allocated.

Thank you for continuing to help the Webster Community Chest provide the help our neighbors can count on when they are facing hard times and just need a helping hand. It is important to know that we as a community have given many a new start.

How We Carry Out Our Mission

We carry out our mission by utilizing the energy and good will of many Webster residents to serve our neighbors who need a helping hand. Volunteers from schools, churches, businesses give time, food and money to help the Community Chest. The Chest raises money through a campaign in the Fall and we then are able to use some of the money to help organizations who may request a helping hand for a project that helps to serve and strengthen our community.

Officers and Directors

Board List

President: Erika Rodgers

Vice - President: Denise Jones

Secretary: Tracy Small

Treasurer: Nancy Steele

Benefits Counselor:  Mary Ellen McDowell


Michael Batt

Judith Bose

Paul Cordy

Robin DeZutter

Bill Galbraith

Mary Fran Grenier

Andrew LaManna

Rebecca Mack

Karen Miller

Fiona Morris

Dan Robinson

Joyce Tompkins


The "Hometown" Community Chest was created to serve the people of Webster in ways not provided for by other social service agencies. On March 30, 1945, community representatives met to discuss the continuation of a group formed in WWII known as The War Chest Committee. The War Chest Committee had served the community well and it was the intention to consider establishing a local Community Chest to continue its service based work. By 1948, the evolution was complete for the forming of a Community Chest. On April 19th, 1948, the Community Chest was incorporated and continues its work to this day. The present Board of Directors meets monthly (except July & August) at the Food Cupboard located at 1002 Ridge Road in the VanIngen Court building and helps to coordinate the workings of the Chest.

Webster is the only nearby Town to have its own community chest.

The Chest is affiliated with the Webster Council of Churches.